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Booster Club Helper - start, organize and maintain a   successful booster club for your favorite sport or activity.

Get Started

Bring together people with a common interest in supporting your favorite sport or activity and band them together by starting a booster club!  Grab people with passion and energy.  Finding people of varying talents and professions will strengthen your booster club.  We will tell you how to get started and how to be successful in starting a booster club...

Get Organized

Sit everyone down for your first meeting and get organized.  Elect some officers, write the bylaws, forge a plan of action, raise some funds and you are off and running!  You are starting a booster club.  Ok, well maybe it's not quite that easy, but let us show you in simple steps how easy the process of building and starting a booster club can be...

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Fundraising for your booster club can be simple, fun and profitable. Or, it can be time consuming, woeful and unprofitable.  To have a positive fundraising experience, you need to do some research, network with those who have gone before you, rally the troops, and make the right decisions.  Let us help you...

Benefits of a Booster Club

The benefits to your sports team or organization from starting a booster club will be well worth the effort put forth.  The funds raised could go towards team apparel, team travel bags, and special uniforms.  Newer, better training equipment could be added to the program.  Extra funds will enable players to attend training camps, off-season leagues and help to cover travel and hotel costs.  As an extra bonus, monies can be used to allow players to attend collegiate or professional sporting events nearby.


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