Why not take the time to create a booster club logo to give your group an identity?

This isn’t a high priority task as far as booster activities are concerned, but more of a fun side-project that can help to “boost” your booster club.  The logo doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate.  It can be as simple as your team’s logo with the words “Booster Club” printed below it.  If you Google “booster club logo” you will see many examples of what others have created.

If you have a graphic artist in your membership then see if they would like to take a shot at creating a logo.  If not, then check with a local printing business that specializes in graphic design.  Logo creators are also available on the internet for a small fee.  Again, keep it simple and cost worthy.

Use the logo on your letterhead and in your emails.  Place it on all your posters, advertisements, banners and handouts.  Let everyone know who you are and what you are about.  Use you have it, use it! 

A logo will help to give a sense of legitimacy and staying-power to your booster club.  It shows that you are in it for the long haul and serious about supporting your cause.  Having a logo shows off your support to the community and helps people to indentify with your club.  It helps to foster a sense of pride and may ultimately increase your membership!