Booster Clubs are not all work and no fun!
Sometimes to have to let your hair down and celebrate!!


What better way to wrap-up the season then an end-of-the-year banquet?!  This celebration takes a little bit of planning, but it is still a good time with friends and fellow teammates.  Plan your meal, give out awards and recognition, thank all those who contributed to the season.  Enjoy the time of fellowship.

Picnic or Barbecue

Why not host a pre-season picnic to get the club/sport started off on the right foot?!  This is a great idea for getting the supporters together to relax and get to know each other better.  Have everyone bring a covered dish to share the expense.

Outings and Travel Events

Take your sport to the next level, or at least visit it at the next level!  Plan a trip to a major league game in your area or to a nearby college game.  Many professional clubs and colleges have package deals for large groups who want to attend their games.  Another option would be to attend a trade show focused on your booster club's sport.


Senior Night

A Senior Night celebration is an idea for high school sports to honor the senior players at their last home game.  A short ceremony before the game starts to announce the players and their parents/guardians that includes gifts and a biography read by an announcer would do the trick.  The gifts could be photo albums, a large poster of the player, or team apparel.  The game could be followed by a gathering for cake and ice cream, or other foods.



Get all your booster club members together and have a party!  This event can be independent of the team and only involve the volunteers.  Plan some fun, food, games, etc.  Whatever it takes to get your membership together and bonding with one another!  What a great "team building" activity.


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