Fundraiser Ideas...

Apparel and Gift Sales

Find companies locally or on the internet that will print/create gift items with your team's logo, mascot, name on them that you can sell to fans for a profit.  Print shops can do t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, caps, mugs, etc.  Companies can be found on the internet that do custom glassware, sunglasses, charms, bracelets, sports balls, etc.  Find items that you know will sell in your area.

Food Sales

Many booster clubs hold hoagie/sub/sandwich sales, pie/cake/donut sales, etc.  Find a local bakery or meat market and see what programs they have for fundraising.  Some local companies are willing to donate the food in exchange for advertising.  Have your sales team take orders and collect the payments ahead of time.  Or, you can setup a stand and hold a Bake Sale.


Food Booth / Concession Stand

If your sporting events would benefit from having food and snacks on-hand to feed and energize the fans and participating teams, then organize a food booth to meet their needs.  Start with a committee to plan the concession stand.  Create lists of:  items for sale, setup items needed (tables, chairs, cash box, signs, tape, scissors, etc.), worker's schedule, donated items, worker's responsibilities, setup and tear down checklists, profit markups, etc.  

Fundraising Events

Hosting a one-time event is a great way to generate a large amount of money in a short period of time.  Events like:  a bingo night, a cash party, a Longaberger basket party, a chili or hot wings cook-off, a valentines dinner, a concert, or a dance all work well.  These events obviously take some planning and preparation, but they are completed in several hours and can bring in a good profit if they are done properly.


Sponsorships and Advertisements

Whether you are located in a big city or a rural town, local businesses are always eager to support their booster clubs!  Be it through advertisements in game programs, team guides, stadium signs, gym banners, website ads or other means, this is a big opportunity to generate funding for your booster club.  Decide where you will offer ads and what price you will charge for the various sizes.  Gather a list of all the local businesses that you will target with your ad campaign.  Divide up the list among your "sales" force, give them some quick "sales training" and send them on their way!  A 50-page team guide can easily generate $3000 to $5000 in funds for your group!



Raffle tickets for cash or merchandise prizes are an easy and effective fundraiser for a booster club.  The prizes can be gathered as donations from local companies.  The printing of the tickets can also be bartered for as a donation.  Some more popular raffles include:  a cash drawing, a meat raffle, a vacation drawing, am ATV drawing, or raffles for bundled prizes.  


Contests can include:  a walking, running or dance marathon,  a photo contest, a talent show or an eating contest.  Charge an entry fee to all contestants and/or have them gather sponsors for their efforts.

Summer Camps

Host a local summer camp based on your sport to train kids and charge an entry fee.  This is a win-win for you because it is a fundraiser and it generates interest in your sport at a young age.  During the camps your can sell drinks and apparel.  Advertise your camp outside of your normal territory.  Players enjoy traveling to a summer camp at a neighboring town or city.  Have your coaches and players staff the camp.


If your sport is one that lends itself to tournaments, then organize a weekend tournament and raise funds from entry fees and food sales.  Even if your sport is not a tournament sport, like American football, you still host an adapted tournament such as a flag football tournament or a kicking skills tournament.  Local tournaments bring recognition to your sport and boost the local economy.

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