Getting Organized

Sit everyone down for your first meeting and get organized.  Elect some officers, write the bylaws, forge a plan of action, raise some funds and you are off and running!  You have started a booster club.

The first step in starting a booster club is to make some important decisions.  So as a group decide on the following:

Booster Club - Posted Notes
  • Why are we here?  -  (to form a booster club for our sport, to create more support for our team!)
  • What will our mission be?  -  (write/form a mission statement)
  • How will we support our team?  -  (fundraising, celebrations, publications, sponsorship's, etc.)
  • Who will do what?  -  (form a structure with a board of directors, committees, by-laws, etc.)
  • When will we do this?  -  (plan meetings, plan projects, schedule events, etc.)
  • Where will this take place?  -  (locations for meetings, location for a food booth, storage)

    Booster Club - Group of People

    Booster Club's Mission

    It all starts with a mission statement.  A simple sentence or two that defines your purpose, your passion, and your meaning for existing as a group.

    "The Blank Booster Club will support Our Blank Team through fund raising, continuously working to expand its membership, and provide support whenever called upon."

    Keep it short, concise and to the point.  Use it as a moral compass to guide you along the journey.  Never loose site of your mission statement!


    Booster Club's Structure

    Establish a solid structure of volunteers and define their relationships within the booster club to maximize the effectiveness of the group.  Determine the roles of the leadership team.  Typical booster clubs include a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Try adding others such as a fund raising chairperson, a financial secretary, a food booth coordinator, an events coordinator, a marketing and PR representative.  The sky is the limit. Brainstorm what needs your organization will have and fill those needs with leaders and committees.

    Booster Club - Structure

    Booster Club - People Together


    The main ingredient in a successful booster club is: communication!  With communication you will thrive, without it, you will fail.  Talk about it, demand it, practice it and benefit from it.  Communication gets everyone on the same page.  Communication avoids mistakes, misunderstandings and conflicts.  Utilize conversations, emails, phone calls, text messaging and social media to communicate with everyone involved in your booster club.


    Hold monthly booster club meetings to get everyone on the same page and working together for the good of the club.  Have a short agenda ready, and go over each of your items in a brief, informational moment.  Avoid long discussions and planning of the details.  The finer details should be ironed out in committee meetings, not the main booster club meeting. Each committee head should quickly report on their tasks and progress. Stick to the agenda.  Avoid or politely contain "ramblers" and "side-trackers", those who take meetings into the great, boring abyss. Volunteers will appreciate it when you keep the meetings focused and on time and they will be more likely to attend the next meeting.


    Booster Club - Meetings

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